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Hi Gillian, (Jessica and Julie)
Thank you for the response, I’ll check those videos out again. I think being out of my usual routine and having an incredibly stressful week has sent me off into a bad cycle again. I always look back to the stability of mood and eating that keto provided for me.
I guess keto provides a structure to work within and I still feel out of control when not sticking to a plan or rules. There must be an element of perfectionism or ‘all or nothing’ mindset, which I thought I had been stepping away from. When I have done well with noticing my desire etc I’m not sure if I’m just treating that as a diet too, if that makes sense.
I feel (currently) numb to the process of what is required when experiencing an addictive desire to eat. I know what to do but it’s like I’m shutting it down before I can go through the stages or the urge is much much stronger.Do you have any tips to getting back on track?
Thanks again