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The part that doesn’t make any sense at all is why you’ve clicked on “Mark Complete” on the course videos without actually watching them. It’s like I’m the schoolteacher, and you’ve figured out how to cheat on your exam!

I don’t mind if you don’t take the time and effort to engage in this course material. The difficulty for us both is that it won’t work for me to try to deliver this course via this forum. That’s why I’ve presented the slides and published the videos. As I see it, this forum is an addition to that, not an alternative.

I expect you’ll hold on to the idea that you can remove your desire to overeat, especially while you’re abstaining from sugar (what I refer to as the state of compliance). The bad news, I think, is when it stops ‘working’ for you, you’re likely to conclude that it’s my “Eating Less” approach that hasn’t worked, when in fact you never did take it on board.

I want to add that one aspect I’m most proud of is showing people how to manage the highly addictive nature of sugar (as well as other ingredients) without needing to abstain. I’d love to hear from others who have grasped how magical and revolutionary this really is!

Thank you, Louise, for your post on this.