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I’m sorry to have marked lessons “complete”. I actually have read and listened to everything with my airpods, during the day, and written in my notebook, but you’re right, not completely studied them as I should. I’m sorry the webinars are my Sunday mornings with my family of 7. I am going back and re-doing it all. I did that not for you to see, but to go through and make sure I’ve read and listened to them all. But am re-doing now.
I’m so sorry about that. One thing I am working on, and it’s evident, is slugging through the nitty gritty stuff, and not looking for the quick fix, which is why I got myself here in the first place with food, probably. I’m tired of myself. I admit. Jumping around for something that “works” when in reality, it’s only me and my brain to get through all of this. Apologies. Bear with me. xo