Renée L

Hi Liz (and Everyone!),

I love your post and insights you have shared about your post dinner urges and desires. I know for me this whole way of thinking and acting/pausing is so new, and will take patience to change my ways of thinking and acting around food.

I especially loved your reminders that it will take time, effort, energy and persistent practice to change old habits and develop new ways of thinking. Thanks for the reminder!

I have thought long and hard about this thread of “Taking a Stand” and while the perfectionist in me wants to “get it right all the time” (meaning I will always be able to spot AD perfectly in the moment and not satisfy it) I know that what is much more likely to happen is a combination of staying with myself in the moment and working through desire, and having success, while at other times I might only be able to reflect on my behaviors to learn and grow, and then “Take a Stand” after the fact.

So I see the concept of “Taking A Stand” in two ways: prevention (by applying the concept before I engage in behaviors that I am trying to change) and reflection (by reflecting on my behaviors) and viewing them as a catalyst for change and then applying the “Taking A Stand” concept going forward, one moment at a time.

I love hearing from you all, and check the Forum often (I’m a little obsessed with it, actually!), but wanted to say how thankful I am that we are all open to exploring these new ideas together and sharing our experiences as we move forward to better understand ourselves.

I’ve also noticed that one way rebellion manifests for me is this idea/justification of “What Can I get Away With?” in terms of eating foods and amounts. I think that is so interesting and only recently have I been able to re frame this justification for “More” and see it for what it is: one of my very favorite and special “keys” to let myself out of my own jail cell.

Hope everyone is having a great day, wherever you are, and what ever the day may bring!

Renée from Wilmette, IL