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Hi Gillian, I think as I may already have said, I previously underplayed non-weight based motivation when following your approach, but the online course has really made me focus strongly on this as an area of weakness for me.

The more I engage in the method, the less it is about my weight and size. I very rarely think about my weight these days, and I realise that all this time, it was the overeating that upset me, not the weight per se, although that is also unpleasant of course.

What I find now is that I have just become accustomed to noticing non-weight benefits, and tuning into how I feel afterwards when I have overeaten – how I feel, not what I might weigh! So I suppose in conclusion, I’d say that while I started the course feeling very conscious and worried about my size and weight, my attention has gone elsewhere, so I am thinking more about what I eat, whether I enjoy my food, what immediate effect certain foods have on me. The next step for me is being normal around food, and not having to dwell on it as much as I (necessarily) do at the moment.

I can add that although I never weigh myself, I probably have lost weight over the past few months, but as I am wearing the same loose clothes and not really spending any time considering my weight, it doesn’t really figure in the conversations I have in my head about food. I would even say it really doesn’t interest me any more: I am much more interested in trying new ways of cooking, new ingredients and new tastes.