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That’s a handy list, thank you Gillian! I will use that as I am trying to cut down on daily puddings in the evening as my next goal. I have pretty much stopped buying commercial puddings, so they are pretty healthy, but often including (vegan) ice cream and a sweet sauce too. I’ve got the size of my meal down now (yay!), but I want to be able to finish my first course and only sometimes to have a pudding, rather as I would when eating out. Does that sound like a reasonable goal and not too restrictive?

Liz, it sounds as if you are really aware of your AD now, which has been the way in for me. It took a while for my AD to surface because I was being compliant, but there’s no mistaking a desire for M&Ms as AD! It wouldn’t matter how much healthy food you had eaten that day – you would still want to eat sweets, chocolate etc, because they are addictive. So next step is to work through that desire (the MP3 is brilliant for that) and to make a considered decision about whether to eat it, taking account of both the immediate sugar high, and the downsides, whatever they are for you. Hope that helps; your posts have certainly guided me in understanding the AD I experience in the evenings, which I now work through.

Looking forward to the webinar as I feel in need of a Gillian top-up, but so far, so good – I am really enjoying having the whiphand over my desire to overeat at the moment.