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Renée L

Hi Everyone!

Adding my two cents worth here…

Sian, I had a major shift in my thinking and knowledge about nutrition after reading Gary Taubes’ book, “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It”. (Gillian also cites references to Tim Noakes’ research in her resource section. Noakes and Taubes have very similar perceptions–all science backed–about nutritional theories, especially the science behind why our bodies hold onto fat as a result of the specific foods we eat).

After recently speaking with a friend about HFLC, I was inspired to reread my copy of “Why We Get Fat” and was once again, blown away by the science behind this nutritional theory.

A big take away for me has me questioning my carbohydrate consumption as it relates to mood swings I experience after eating certain foods, usually in the form of anxiety and more generalized symptoms like “not feeling that great in my body and mind”. I know that I am highly sensitive to sugar and refined carbohydrates, but am also starting to wonder if even eating “healthy carbs” sets me up for cravings which then lead me down the road of “carb creep” and then eventually to binge on “all the wrong foods”.

As a result, I have had a mini “aha” moment about this. I have been mainly HFLC for the past 4 years, but have slowly started to experience “carb creep”. Prior to completing Gillian’s course I was trying to eat desserts and other foods “in moderation” by portioning them out; sometimes I had success with this method, and more often than not it ended in disaster. And as an aside, while eating HFLC was beneficial to me in many ways, it did not eliminate my AD for MORE, and portions were an issue because I still wanted to “overeat” and found myself trying to “game the system” and “get away with” as much as I could eat while still reaping all the benefits, especially to weigh less, be healthy, and be in control of my food. A very interesting paradox because how could I expect to eat huge portions and overeat, but to still be healthy and in control? Anyway…that’s my brain for you!

After completing Gillian’s course, I have a better understanding of my own AD, and how certain foods affect my body. As a result it’s clear to me what my options are depending on what scenario I am in and what I choose to do. Trust me, I would love to be able to eat with abandon, eat anything I choose, in any amount, and stay healthy and slim, but I have never had that kind of body, and what is more important for me to remember is that eating in certain ways and certain foods affects my mind in such powerful ways that I end up with so many negative consequences, so much so that in the end it I always regretted making those choices.

But my main point in bringing this up is to remind myself (and encourage all of you) to explore the proven science behind nutritional theories and then make your own informed decisions from there. I don’t want to sound too preachy here, but once I knew what the SCIENCE said about Calories-In/Calories Out and HFLC I could no longer deny the truth about my food choices and the consequences of those choices.

I think we can all agree that putting food into your body is a very powerful action; food has the power to heal or damage and so it is wise to learn as much as we can so that our choices are informed, even if they are harmful. And trust me, I am not perfect here, but after making this connection in my mind about my moods being affected by the quality of foods I have been eating (I knew this intellectually but just recently made a very personal connection). And when I say moods swings, after a binge or overeating, I can experience up to three days of feeling: gross, intense self-hatred, mild depression, intense desire to “fix this problem” by overexercising, etc. This, I am sure, makes me difficult to live with…but more importantly it makes it difficult for ME to live with ME.

Despite all of this, the wonderful thing about Gillian’s method is that the choice is always ours to make, one eating experience at a time. So, to follow up on my AHA moment, I have the intention of reducing my carb intake as an experiment in mood regulation, see what results I get and then take it one eating experience at a time. I feel so reassured knowing that I have this knowledge and can test it out to see for myself and make my decisions from there.

Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow!