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Thank you to every ones contribution. I appreciate all the advice and wise words. It’s wonderful having so many buddies to help me out. Loving the input. Thanks again.

I don’t know anything about HFLC so will need to research this.

My first thought was to analyse my consumption of :-
Potatoes, which turns out to be less than one potato a month (not really a favourite of mine).
Pasta which is about once a month,
Rice turns out to be roughly twice a month and
Bread (sour dough) once a week. I have switched to eating tortilla wraps or pitta breads, again, about once or twice a week.

These are the initial carbs I thought of, but I’m aware that sweetcorn and other vegetables are classed as carbs too, plus sugar and alcohol of course.

It looks like I need to do some reading to gain knowledge of where these extra carbs are in my diet to be able to cut down on them and move on from where I am.

I missed the first half hour of webinar tonight and will need to catch up, as I believe a lot was discussed in the beginning that could help me.

Keep up the good work everyone.