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Thank you, Renee, Louise, and Julie.
Renee, I loved this:
“However, after staying with this feeling and not acting on it, I can see that what I really want is to relax. But the association is still there with the events; the cue for this pattern is that once they leave and go upstairs to start the bedtime routine, my brain sees this as an “exciting opportunity” to eat highly rewarding foods as a “treat” for my long day…and searching for the food in the snack cabinet is “thrilling” and I think I am “getting away with something”. I should change my name for this to Bath Time Mode Sneak Eating Experience…ha ha ha.”

I completely relate to the relaxation eating once the kids are out of the way. It’s like a huge sigh… I’m just habituated that once they’re down, I’m relaxing with food. Wouldn’t it be awesome to just lay on the couch and NOT get up and down for food, though? 😉

Louise, I totally get eating chocolates when visitors are in town, and not in front of them. I’ve done SO much “getting away with” eating, that I’m finally noticing.

Julie, I had a night like yours last night. Horrible sleep and headache this morning.
I just had a late lunch, will be going out with friends for dinner, and shutting it down thereafter.
We deserve the benefit of sleeping well and feeling refreshed and proud the next morning!