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Thank you for this thread. It’s very pertinent to me.
Gillian, you describe my AD perfectly below.

“I thought it might be good for me to add that overeating in the evening – especially but not only refined carbs such as sugar – doesn’t in fact make us better prepared for sleep. Quite the reverse.

That is an inevitable problem with any addiction; you create a conditioned association to a cue (addictive desire) and then automatically “make sense” of it (addictive mindset).

The cue we’re talking about here is: “it’s time to unwind” and the mindset could be: “I deserve it” and/or “I need it” and/or “nobody’s looking” and/or “it won’t matter”… etc.”

The sugar and carbs at night PHYSICALLY make me uncomfortable for bed but I admit my mind RESTS (temporarily) because the AD was satisfied. I am working on feeling the desire. It’s getting better but not perfect.
Last night after dinner, I thought “I need chocolate after that spicy meal.” I gave in, and it lead to a lot of other stuff.
I do awesome not listening to the AD in the day, but I have 20 years of overeating at night that I need to work through.

On Sunday’s Q&A I’m grateful when Gillian said that the desire will NEVER go away (or she wouldn’t have a job!), but working through it is essential. This was a good reminder because I keep thinking “oh man I just want to never feel this.”

I love Gillian’s program. This is the real work for me to do. I’ve spent so many years doing programs that reinforce my Addictive Desire. With intermittent fasting, I’ve made it into “okay, don’t eat all day, and now I can just overeat at night.” When I count macros, I think “okay, just save all the macros for night so I can have enough to overeat.” This applies to calorie counting too.

But with Gillian’s work, we are getting to the ROOT of this all. THank you.

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