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Liz, just a thought, but have you – or are you – approaching dealing with your nighttime overeating in an all-or-none way? Either you do all of your overeating or you do none of it?

This comes from your comment about the chocolate after dinner, “I gave in, and it lead to a lot of other stuff.” Please see Week 6 for dealing with an “all-or-nothing” mindset.

Have you thought about forming an intention to do LESS overeating at night? How about thinking, when you’re finally off to bed, “I ate 2X, 3Y and a Z (instead of 5X, 7Y, 4Z and a W) and I’m pleased because that’s a good step in the right direction.” How about thinking ahead of time what it might actually look like in order to create that kind of result, where it’s not perfect, but a clear improvement?

Of course you accomplish this with any tools you want to use: Times, Plans, Working Through. And in time, you move on from there – without, of course, aiming for a permanent state of perfection.