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Anne Marie

Thank you, everyone for your comments and support… I really am grateful for this community, because there really aren’t any people in my life that I can talk about this with so openly, nor are there are people in my daily life who struggle or who have struggled with overeating.

At the same time that I began doing the work on this with Gillian’s guidance, I started reading a book called “ Love yourself like your life depends on it“ by Kamal Ravikant And I find that the activities he suggests are simple and are helping me to put Gillian’s principles into action (but not all the time because I’m letting go of all or nothing thinking!)

PS Gillian suggested that I get my husband to leave a few more times so that I can practice facing the addictive desire to over eat when I am alone in the house! Which would be a really good idea except for the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and it was pretty scary for me to let him get on a plane in the first place! But next month I am going to my favourite retreat centre for three days and nights by myself with lots of time for my writing and solitude… Going on retreat like this is also a time when I am by myself and the addictive desire to eat more comes up whenever I am there, so I will have a chance to work on that and I am actually looking forward to it instead of fearing it like I would have been before this course.