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Hi Gillian! I was 3-4 days last week without gluten and it was really good. Im suppossed to cut also grains.. but I think that cut gluten, grains and lactose, all at the same time is too much to start. To much pressure (I feel it that way) I´ll try to see how I feel without those for a day, or two. And if Im good to keep on that, or introduce one thing to see how I feel. But If I think or doing it for a week or 2 weeks I start to feel like in a cell and I dont want that. So Im gonna go day by day.

I know, from experience of last week without any gluten and lactose, and just a few grains (brown rice only) that I felt better, better digestions, no gases at all, and better in general. And then… that I´ve re-introduce them, Ive start to feel bad again..

I´ve to do the preparation for the colonoscopy and gastroscopy that I will do next Tuesday, I start this saturday. So I think this is gonna help me to clean everything and start doing things well, by thinking on my own health, and the sensations I have in my body by eating this or that. Without thinking on my weight.