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Anne-Marie it’s nice to know I have inspired some singing, but I can assure you – my song is like a schoolboy taunt rather than an actual musical melody. Ha ha

Julie – It’s interesting to read that you are turning towards more carnivore eating in recent months. Even though this hasn’t stopped the AD, can you articulate what benefits you are seeing by eating this way?

I’ve now watched the first half of Sundays webinar about oils.
In my house I have rapeseed, olive and coconut oil to use and up till now I’ve just used whichever I deem appropriate for the meal in hand. I did do some basic research and found that by adding butter to olive oil can help to protect the olive oil at high heat. My thoughts are now to avoid the rapeseed oil for a while and only use the others to see if that makes a positive difference for me. Experimenting, like Gillian says, with food and meals.

I’ve also had a closer look at my carb intake. What I didn’t take into account when giving my list earlier in this feed is…. ‘Crackers’. I love crackers and eat them with soup, salads, cheese etc – Not every single day, but probably 5 days a week. I assume they have not only the carb but the bad oils too. Oooops!!
This can also be another issue for me to explore too.

Loving the feedback guys.