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The most important thing is to keep in mind that “good enough” is a worthwhile result. One of the problems with perfectionism (apart from not being able to continue with it) is that it makes you think that anything less than perfect is worthless, so it’s excellent for you to change your mindset about this.

If keeping any kind of log or journal helps you with that, then by all means do it. The only potential problem with it is if you develop a belief that you cannot be in control of your eating unless you continue to keep the log. So I suggest you aim to keep a log for a while, and maybe not every meal, every day, and that’s okay. Imperfect log-keeping!!!

It’s also possible that you’ve already learned this lesson? That “good enough” isn’t really all that bad, and that you change question your “all-or-none” mindset whenever you feel that you’ve done “everything wrong” – when in fact you haven’t.

Maybe you can trust yourself that you know this now?