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Anne Marie

Thank you for bringing this up, Guadalupe. I have been doing something similar but I am calling it “evidence that I am eating less “and I keep a small spiral notebook on my kitchen table. I am not so much writing down what I eat, I am just making note of those times when I did eat less at a meal or even in between… And what I do is the next morning before I start the new list, I read over my successes from the day before.

I started doing this because I’ve been doing really well not eating between lunch and supper which was a big deal for me before, but I hadn’t been doing so well after supper… And I was in a mental spiral of beating myself up and being down On myself.

Then I remembered that it’s OK to focus on one habit/issue at a time, and it helps me when I start a new day to look at yesterday’s list and the day before that list sometimes, to realize that I really am making positive healthy changes in the way that I’m eatinG, even tho its not 100% like i want it to be