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Renée L


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and for the very timely and powerful reminder to be on “high alert” around my AD.

I have started to re-listen to the course material and find it so fascinating how my brain can very easily “forget” the information that I find so inspirational.

Good for you for remembering to consider all the positives, and to take into account that you are doing well. I forget that too, and can be so hard on myself.

And finally, thank you for sharing Carrie Newcomer’s song! I have been a fan since the early 90’s, when she was still in the group Stone Soup. I had friends in West Lafayette, IN, who were friends with her, and met her several times and saw her perform several times. She is amazing.

Although the two Stone Soup albums are out of print, some of the music is available on YouTube; Google “Long Fields” and “October Nights” and be prepared for some of her best music!

Here’s to a great start to our weekend.