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Great idea for a thread Anna. I wanted to share a discovery I’ve made recently as a result of listening to the mp3.

When my AD appears, I have always in the past thought of my choice as choosing either to satisfy my desire by eating, or choosing not to eat. This has worked ok, but not long ago I realised that ‘not eat’ is a negative choice and brings me close to compliance and ‘not allowed’. On the mp3, Gillian talks about choosing to feel and experience the AD, instead of choosing to eat or not eat.

Choosing the unpleasant feeling of desire instead of satisfying it feels very different to me than choosing not to eat. It seems like just semantics, but it has been a breakthrough for me.

I give myself time to really physically experience my AD. A lot of the feeling is in my mouth, a really strong desire for texture, taste etc. And I remind myself that it’s a trade-off – if I am willing to feel this and not run away from it, I’ll reach my goal of eating less. Whenever I think that, the AD doesn’t seem half so bad or scary, and I realise that by feeling those moments of unpleasantness I free myself from overeating, without feeling deprived.

Would love to hear other experiences of what people do when they become aware of their AD.

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