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Julia, I’m reading through your notes from your session with Gillian. Thank you for taking the time to write them out! They are helpful.
I, too, feel my desire is at a “10” after dinner lately for addictive foods. And I’m justifying it with the thought of how much I exercised or how healthy I ate that day. After re-watching the mindset solution video, I’m realizing how much I JUSTIFY it by thoughts I say to myself “it’s deserved, this is what I do.”
My brain is just trying to keep me alive. It doesn’t realize that there’s an abundance of food.
Candy is addictive by nature! I should know that!

But addictive foods never just end with a single candy bar for me. It ends with a full-blown binge, like last night.
I could work on my all/none thinking.
I think focusing on not being perfect about my addictive mindset, allowing and expecting it to come along with me, and working WITH it, not just fighting it will be helpful.
For instance, learning that if I have a cookie or something after dinner, all is not lost. Enjoy it and move on.
THAT is my goal with this entire course–not to eat perfectly, but to overeat less. I need to keep reminding myself of that!
Thank you for your insights!

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