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Hello Guadalupe. Sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having about your body image.

I think what strikes me about your post is how much progress you have made. You say you have improved binge eating, eating from boredom, and eating in the car. This is massive! Yet you seem to dismiss that, because you haven’t seen dramatic changes in your appearance.

My view is that this course is not about accepting your own poor opinion of your body. Of course, you need to be kind and compassionate with yourself, but I would say it will help if you also focus on and celebrate the fact that you have gained better control over your eating. That is huge! I expect you are also getting non weight benefits from those changes. Don’t underplay those – just by gaining control you will be reducing the risks of diabetes and heart attack. Unlike losing weight, these are life saving achievements. Remember in Gillian’s webinar on motivation, she cites a paper that says almost one quarter of people who are overweight do not have markers of metabolic disease. It’s not the weight that is the issue – it’s the quality and quantity of what you eat that makes the most difference.

Of course, if you continue improving and applying the technique, you will lose weight. I have lost a bit, I think, at least my clothes are looser (I never weigh myself) and people tell me I look really well. I am not slim by any means, but I do look well and healthy – and more importantly feel well and healthy – because of the changes in my eating habits.

So I would say, every time you feel upset or angry about your appearance and you are unkind to yourself, remind yourself of how far you have come and the successful changes you have made. Don’t underplay that progress, but build on it and keep making small changes, so that your health gets better and better. In the end, it’s our health that will serve us best in enjoying life and taking part, not what we look like.

Good luck! You are doing really well!