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You’ve got some great replies here from Louise and Julie. To add something from me, I do understand that whenever you become upset about the weight/size of your body, this leads you to overeat. This is a very common reaction which I’ve also experienced in the past.

It seems you are trying to solve this problem by trying not to be upset about your weight/size: don’t take photos, love body how it is now, go to the beach anyway, etc.

Instead, what will work better is to expect to be upset about your body weight/size from time to time. I doubt you will stop that from happening – or that you need to stop that reaction in order to make progress. What will make the difference is how you handle (respond to) that upset you feel:

• remember non-weight benefits you’ve already experienced
• consider non-weight benefits you could create soon, maybe with your next meal
• bring yourself into the present moment by looking at how you are with your eating right now, today: what’s going well? what might be good to change?