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Julia R

Our Q&A on July 19th, one hour and 15 min approx into that session, Gillian shared the following (this is not a perfect transcription of her words cause I am always working at not being perfect):
“Wanting to eat, not working thru the desire, wanting to eat anything without the negative outcomes—the process of resolving that conflict is what takes me somewhere. Like a car spinning its wheels in the sand, thinking if I do this new diet or change my carb intake—always trying to do anything other than resolving that conflict. IT IS THE AVOIDANCE OF THAT CONFLICT- THAT IS WHAT SHE THINKS OF TAKING A STAND. Taking a stand in that experience of desire. And saying wait a minute. I don’t want to go down that road. I am going to chose something else. I am going to do something else. The way I do that is working thru the desire. If I have done it before, then I know it is possible. The idea is to build on that. It’s something for me to learn. It is here. It is on the website. That’s a big learning open to me. This is the whole entire point. If the Addictive Desire could be avoided or removed, I would be out of a job! There would be no point in me saying any of this, none of it. The hours of video, client stories, times and plans, understanding free choice and not feeling deprived. The whole conversation would be pointless, useless if it wasn’t for that one feature. I have an Addictive Desire to eat more food than I actually need. And it is not because I need to go into therapy or because my glucose isn’t regulated.”

This was a turning point for me, a huge turning point. Even though I adore Gillian, I do not want to be taking this course next year or five years from now. One thing I thought of….If I was a millionaire I would pay a million dollars to be at peace with food! I can’t do that. But Gillian has offered me a gift worth a million dollars to me! What I need to do is: stop avoiding the addictive desire. Take that Stand. She also said it would not take months and years, but days and weeks. That is when it all changed for me.

I wanted to share this. Consider listening to the Q&A if this resonates with you. I can honestly say I am at peace with food and where I am with it all!! Yesterday I went thru a legal deposition which has been a lot of work and stress for weeks. A friend suggested we celebrate having an ice cream. We did that and I enjoyed it. In the past, regardless of having a desert elsewhere I ALWAYS came home and had my treat. Last night I did not. That is new. I had difficulty sleeping and thought of getting up. But told myself I am not getting up to eat. Of course, I knew I could do that but I chose not to. That is what I use to do. My husband recently brought ice cream in the house so typically I would have had that late at night. At this point I have had no interest in having the ice cream in the freezer. That is a new behavior for me too. I may have one sometime but it is not on my mind.

You All Can Do This! I took this Stand and stopped avoiding the conflict and in days it all changed for me!

Thanks Liz for posting this and taking a stand for yourself in have a session with Gillian!

Go Girls Go!!