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Julia, thank you so much for posting. It crystallises what I have learned too.

It has taken only a handful of very powerful engagements with my AD to put me out of danger of overeating. One memorable one was when I was on my way to bed with a cup of herbal tea when I automatically picked up a satsuma from the fruit bowl. In that instant, I knew it was my AD, and that the satsuma was a healthy substitute for the biscuits I used to have.

I stopped in my tracks and fully welcomed and engaged with my AD. Talking aloud, I went through the 5 stages and realised that it was my choice, but that feeling the desire was preferable to struggling to fight and control my desire to overeat, as I have been doing since I was a child.

I have worked through my AD since then, and welcomed it, but it has never been as powerful, and often it just flickers out when I attend to it. In my ‘new tradition’ of cooking and eating healthier food, I feel more alive, more connected than ever. I can say with confidence that I have really ‘got this’ and I know I will always have the tools to Take a Stand and confront my AD whenever it pops up. If you are still looking for another answer, I would say, don’t. Stick with this course, do the materials and listen to Gillian because it will get you where you want to be.

20 years ago, I stopped smoking thanks to Gillian. I’ve now beaten overeating too. My debt to Gillian is literally immeasurable.