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Julia R

It is wonderful to read the learning, growth and accomplishments made doing this course! It is great Louise that you have put the pieces together too!

I wanted to share another visualization I had. I thought if someone offered me 1M dollars and this is what I had to do: every time the door bell rang and I answered the door, I had to do 5 things (5 parts of working thru the desire). I did not need to do this perfectly, even 75-90% would be work. I only had to do it for 30 days. Would I take this challenge? My answer is Yes!

I feel Gillian has offered me a gift worth a million dollars! That was a light bulb moment. Paired with my early comments about the Q&A from July. That is how I got to where I am at this moment. For any newbies out there. Please know this is the 3rd time I have taken the course. It was during this course that I actually put weigh loss at the bottom of my motivation list. Always before, I put away the scales but could not stay away. And I really cemented choice. The lake visualization was wonderful, along with the pens. I really get that I can buy, eat, overeat, again and again at any time, several times a day, all days of the week. And I get to own the outcomes! So those two themes were in place—nothing perfect, cause that is not the aim. So then it was just choosing to lean into the addictive desire.

Yes, my debt to Gillian is also literally unmeasurable! That is why I say she deserves a Nobel Prize! All the billions spent on diet books and diet programs! Gillian has it wrapped up into 3 themes! She has poured her heart and sole into this course! And she genuinely cares, doing this for the right reasons and making it affordable!