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Julie Mann

Louise I love your response.

Liz, here are my two cents…

Cookies according to Gillian are always from addictive desire because they are not really food and we don’t really need them to live. So whenever you have a cookie, you will always want more. They are designed that way (sugar, fat, salt, etc.).

It sounds like you have your times of eating pretty routinized (two meals, around noon and 7), and it sounds like your two meals are not the issue, it’s only the sweets later.

So perhaps the next time you have a situation where you want to have sweets, or maybe it’s nightly (?) you create a plan in that moment, for example, I will have two cookies and then I will have an addictive desire for more and I will work through that desire in that moment, knowing it will come, accepting it and allowing it and seeing it as my path to freedom.