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lara w

Wow! Liz, Louise, and Julie, this is an excellent thread for me! Thank you so much for bringing it up, Liz. And thank you to Louise for your excellent explanation and examples of how Times/Plans work. That was really helpful, especially in light of Liz’s post. Julie, you are so right on about some foods being addictive!

I come from a strict “No Sugar/No Flour” weighing/measuring Program. It was just not sustainable for me, which is why I’ve been dabbling in Gillian’s books for quite a few years now. I’m so grateful that she came up with an online program, and then cut the price in half, making it totally doable for me. Thank you, Gillian!

I’ve been absent from posting here because I’ve just been so busy with life in general: teaching, home, and family. I have time today to play catch-up!

Love to all!