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Julia R


I shared my one on one in my first paragraph above. In a nutshell, I learned it was “normal” to get off track when circumstances in life throws me off. I was reminded of Section 6 and I now know how to get back on track sooner, if I choose to.

When my AD is an 8 or higher or maybe even a 4 or 5 or higher, I give in to the desire. I was reminded of the MP3 player and making the choice to embrace my desire will help change the course for me. I realize I have been fearful of embracing the AD.

The session was so helpful for where I am at this moment. I had all kinds of thoughts—is my issue motivation? or is it compliance? What did I need to work on? which direction did i need to go? So the session gave me direction and clarity. It was not motivation. It was not choice.

It was knowing I got off track and that is normal. And that I did have fears about the AD. And now I am back on track and waiting for the moment to embrace an intense AD!

Hope this is somewhat helpful to you. It is all so individual.

And what would we do without our Cheerleader! 🎉🎈