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Leslie, I thought I’d comment on this from you as it may be useful to you:

“I’m working on stopping before full, too. The biggest challenge for me is being aware. Of course, stopping can be hard, but tuning in to how my body is feeling often still feels like a new process! I know what a stuffed or full 8, 9, or 10 feels like, but a 5, 6, or 7 is still more nuanced.”

Of course you can do whatever works for you, but I don’t even try to tune in to how my body is feeling as I find it’s always a nuanced and even outright unreliable source of information.

That’s the value of making a Plan before I start eating, and I base my Plan not on how my body feels but on what I judge to be about right at that time. It’s my best guess, and I can adjust that over time.

It’s a mental evaluation, though, based on my own experiences: does this amount tend to be enough and not too much? While knowing that at the point when I’ve finished that Plan, my body will probably want more, but (as Julie says above) in 20 minutes or so I’ll feel satiated.