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Julia R

I have been struggling with making a plan to eat less for my evening meal—every since our last last Q&A. I think if I eat less, then in just one hour or maybe two, I will be hungry. Then I will justify why it is okay to eat. And then I will have to face the justification-whether it is valid or not. So what is the point to eat less, if I just end up eating a second meal later.

I reminded myself of facing the fear of additive desire, embracing it, instead of avoiding. That was a HUGE avoidance for me. I have been successful a couple of times the past week or so embracing, not avoiding my AD. So I decided to take the risk, just to see how it would go. So tonight, I chose to eat less. And I did not feel hungry all evening, like I was going to pass out from lack of nutrition—-that is one of my justifications —I could faint or become weak from lack of calories. I know this is ridiculous but my justifications are so convincing.

This gives me so much confidence to give it a go again—making a plan to eat less! Very exciting!

Continuing to embrace my AD and eating less at my evening meal are the two things that trip me up and it is WONDERFUL to see and benefit of stepping into the fear. Stepping into it, is not as bad as the anticipation of it.