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“In those moments when I feel that I have made some progress, what I like is to feel capable, to feel that I can be in control, and that it makes me better to eat less and eat better. That things can be different and that I can respond differently to a certain impulse. It makes me feel better at the level of digestion, gases, etc.”

Fantastic! This is excellent! All you need to do is to keep in sight of this!

“the truth is that I know that thinking about diet and weighing myself does not lead to anything other than eating more or having more anxiety. But sometimes I fall into that behaviour and I don’t know how to get out”

The way to get out is first of all to understand that you are not falling into anything – like you’re on a ladder and you miss the next step and you fall off the ladder. You choose to focus once again on your weight – I assume by getting on the scales or whatever it is.

What will change all of this for you is to become alarmed when you are tempted into this focus on weight behaviour: “Oh no, I’m thinking about getting on the scales… that will lead me back into overeating again… better for me to remind myself of my non-weight benefits and stay on track using that kind of motivation.”