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Thank you Gillian for your words !!

I have printed that phrase of “I hope to lose weight ..” so I will stick it out there at home, and also the list of non weight benefits.

I think I’ll do it in parts, at the moment I’m doing gluten-free, I saw a documentary about gluten the other day and I said … mmm I’m going to try it, I want to feel better.. As Gillian says … you have to try it yourself!

I want no cereals too, but I didn’t want to cut everything at the same moment because I was afraid of not being able to. At the moment with the gluten free thing I am doing well … and I am not falling into buying everything “gluten free”, so Im ok with that. Im learning to replace things, or to eat new healthy food.

Im do not eating less really, because Im eating more fruit, more vegetables, and more of everything really, but Im not buying ultraprocessed food and all that. So Im eating more of healthy stuff, next step maybe is to cut cereals, and then to cut the amount of everything using times and plans.