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Oh good, it had slipped my mind we have a webinar on Sunday, that’s something to look forward to. I am doing ok, but some old triggers are popping up for me, now that I am back at work (I had the summer off),so both work pressure and boredom are definitely things that get me finding justifications to overeat.

I had a couple of slip-ups, back to my old habits of snacking in the afternoons, not terrible, but definitely not what I want. The great thing is, I remembered how much happier and better I feel when I eat more sensibly (not perfectly!). That meant working through desire quite a few times, but I just kept doing that, fully, every time it came into view.

Knowing something is an addictive desire, and naming it as such is so helpful to me – it grounds me and helps me see what’s happening instead of going into a fog of overeating.

My question for Gillian is a bit like Julia’s – whether this ever becomes second nature, in that the triggers are there in the background but do not need so much active attention. I am guessing this does happen, because some of my old habits (like eating in the car) don’t even occur to me any more, although that was virtually a daily habit when I started the course.

Hope to see everyone on Sunday!