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Thanks Julia, it is sharing things on here that as helped me a lot, plus all the materials, webinars etc.

One thing I noticed is that you are working through your desire successfully when you use the mp3,which as you say takes 6 minutes. What I wonder is, whether it would also help if you worked through using your own words for each step? Because although I find the mp3 very supportive, and I do use it sometimes, to really own the process of working through, I need to say it in my own words.

The words I use vary, depending on what’s uppermost in my mind, but always a variation on the five steps Gillian taught us. So sometimes it will be about where I can feel the desire, or sometimes more about choosing to feel the discomfort of wanting to overeat. And it might take anything from a few seconds to 10 minutes to really feel I am on the other side of wanting to eat.

Finally, this might make you smile – I am always happy to wear a mask when shopping because I can mutter quietly into it to myself when I see something addictive that I want!