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Julia R

Louise, I appreciate your input on the MP3. I have thought about listening to it, taking notes and pulling out specific sentences. Like you said, making it my own. I will do that. It could be something I could read on my phone, especially when it is not convenient to be alone. And I like the idea of shortening it too at times—fading it from 6 minutes to 2 or 3, etc.

Julie, I love your statement to “allow it and move on and be glad later!” Wow! I am putting that on a sticky note!

I do have AD, not just in the evening which is the most difficult time, but often after lunch. Those times are on a scale of 1 or 2 so easy to manage. When the AD is more significant 4-5 or 8-10, that is when I need assistance.

So grateful for the suggestions and sharing. This format that Gillian has put together allows us to “get there” and she provides the guidance we need; she does not leave us stranded on an island!