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Renée L

Oh Mo!

I can definitely relate to your post; I,too have experienced this emotional let down many times so I understand completely. Thank you for sharing your vulnerable feelings. My entire life I have either avoided the scale or used it as a “self-worth measuring tool”, but it never measured in my favor!

I have stopped weighing myself since starting the course. I have been tempted a few times, but instead have asked myself: has weighing myself and knowing the number EVER changed my EATING behaviors? Then I remember that my goal is to change my relationship with food. Weighing myself will not result in the changes I am after, unless I am eating while standing on the scale, because the two behaviors are completely unrelated in the moment they are happening. But using Times and Plans result in measurable changes, along with managing my AD.

I also say very clearly to myself what Gillian has stated: focusing on my weight is the wrong focus! Then I can focus on what really matters, which is the frequency and amount/quality of food I am eating. In the moment before (or while) I am eating the food!

To add some levity, here is a somewhat funny scale story: my husband (who is not overweight so I am not even sure why he does this) weighs himself every morning after he wakes up. He gets up before me. And our scale has a telltale sound. I can be in a deep sleep but as soon as I hear the scale “beep”, my eyes will pop open! I am just like Pavlov’s dogs…with the sound of the scale! Now when this happens I use the opportunity to talk to myself and review my non-weight benefits.

This is a much better way to start my day!