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What a fantastic piece to read Renee, thank you. You have put into words so well many of the experiences I have had with Gillian’s approach: it is truly life-changing (and quite possibly life-saving). There are so many bits of what you write that chime with me, but most of all, this:

‘None of it would have been possible had I not been open to the ideas presented. And nothing would have changed in my life and with me had I not applied the techniques consistently. All of these changes did not “just magically happen” to me. I did the work. I experimented. I have made many mistakes along the way.’

This is so true of me too – really engaging with the ideas, in a meaningful way, and giving them a chance to work, and learning from mistakes instead of thinking ‘oh, that didn;t work for me’. it has made me so much more aware of my behaviour, and not just in relation to food. Like yours, my head is quieter too, and I am finding strength and energy in all sorts of areas of my life. Thank you Gillian!