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Thank you Renee and Louise.
I think I’ll have to adopt your self chat Renee. I do find myself talking to myself when about to get on the scales. Part of me thinks it is addictive desire to weigh. It’s something I’ve done all my life jumping on and off scales. I even know they have the potential to ruin my day because I allow it. But it shouldn’t matter…it is just a number. But I realise I’ve relied on that number to tell me if I’m successful or not. If I’ve lost weight I have a smile on my face and feel energised and positive. If I haven’t lost weight but gained…I
am fed up, angry and believe I’m a failure. So why do I put myself through it?

So next time I feel the urge to step on the scales I’m going to work through my AD and bring up these feelings of regret I’ll know I will feel if I’ve gained weight. I don’t need a scale to dictate how I should feel. Having good health is my motivation, my focus not the number on the scale.