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Julia R

I think my perfectionist personality really gets in my way. I am wanting it (T&P, AD) to be done perfectly.

I recognize my tantruming about doing the MP3 more than a couple of times is just that: a tantrum. Last night I had an AD and used Julie’s statement: “Allow it, and move on and be glad later!” And I made a shift. I am embracing the fact that it takes time and repetition and I will always have AD at times. I also took time and transcribed the MP3. It is another source for me.

When I think of T&P, I am disappointed. In thinking about my disappointment, I realize it is because I want to get it right all the time. I know this is so unrealistic. And it would serve me so much more, if I saw the opportunity to practice T&P as something to be grateful for (since I eat several times a week)!

I am so grateful of all the changes I have made. I am making a choice to focus on all that I have learned and accomplished vs. the mistakes. A toddler learns to walk by falling and getting up over and over! We would not have the light bulb or a plane, if the inventor gave up after a couple of attempts!

Tomorrow’s session will be “perfect” (LOL) since I believe Gillian is addressing perfectionism! Thanks guys for all your inspiration and insight!