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Julie Mann

Hi all.
Tonight I let the AD get the better of me. Returning to teaching during COVID, not able to see my partner, my late husband’s anniversary, my daughter’s new schedule, I’m in a very heightened state of stress/alarm, and I am finding that I’m not tolerating the discomfort, then overeating, then experiencing extreme discomfort.
I will not be live on the call tomorrow as I most likely will be taking my daughter to the cemetery or doing something with her to help her honor her father.
I just so wish I could leave this behavior behind me.
I’m doing a trauma training for all teachers, because the dept of ed feels we are all traumatized in some way by COVID, students and teachers. The most recent slides talked about how trauma leads to an inability to name and process emotions. Gosh I felt like an idiot as I sat with my extra plates of food while watching the training, going, yes, that’s me right now.