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Julia R

I believe “fear” is the worst thing for one’s immune system. This is what has helped me the most: I have an osteopathic doctor that thinks outside the box. He has recommended supplements to increase my immune system—liposomal Vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, quercetin. He recently had a 79 year old patient dx with COVID. Her 82 year old husband and diabetic son that lives with her were both negative. This doctor prescribed hydroxychoroquine, followed by budesonide. And she did very well, having no difficulty getting thru the illness. That is what I have in my back pocket if I should develop any cough/respiratory issues. This doctor says the medical setting sends folks home and has them come back when they are worse and it is too late. If you want more specific info on the supplements it may be best to do it via email since this may not be the place to share this information. As you probably know, I am not a doctor, I am just sharing what I am doing in regards to my immune system and sharing my doctor’s comments. I have been thru chemo and radiation and my husband is on blood pressure meds so we are both high risk along with our age. That is why I am proactive, making the best plan, and then letting go. Also, please know, I honor your decision if this is not information that resonates with you.

I am so grateful for all the health care and public service providers. I hope your school system has the best plan possible to keep all of you safe. You are all Heros!