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Also following. You asked such a great question Jodie, and the last webinar was the result, which was incredibly helpful.

Just speaking from my own experience, I have done the course twice, and was already familiar with Gillian’s work. It really does take time to embed the learning and to practise it. As Gillian has said, you have to live it yourself, not just understand it as a technique. It is such a great idea to revisit the webinars. I watch two or three a week usually. I honestly get something different from them each time, and It keeps me motivated and on track.

Like you, I overate in secret and was too embarrassed to give free rein to my huge appetite when with people. It felt dishonest, and made me resentful when I was in company and felt I could not allow myself to eat because of what people might think.

I eat when I’m in company now, if I choose to, but it’s no different from when I am alone. I just make a choice. It’s been so liberating, and I feel less divided.

One breakthrough for me (among many) is that when I was faced with an addictive desire, I did not choose not to eat something. Instead, I learned to choose to feel the addictive desire instead of eating. It sounds like just a semantic difference, but this made a big difference for me, in terms of feeling deprived. I wasn’t deprived, I could eat the food, but I could also experience the desire, even welcome it. This is where the mp3 is so helpful.

Good luck. I know for sure that this works, because I have been eating pretty normally now since around August last year. There have been slips and trips along the way, but now I know that’s because I am not perfect, and I am ok with that.