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Hi everybody Julia it’s nice to see you back. My take on it is that AD can be very obvious and overwhelming, and it can also be a fleeting thought. And everything between those two extremes.

For me, identifying the AD in the moment has taken a lot of practice. If it’s just a whim to eat something addictive, it’s so easy to ignore it and move on, but I have learned if I do that, it comes back even stronger the next time. So I try to work through each time. Mine doesn’t pop up at particular times any more, but when I am feeling particular emotions, especially boredom and stress. At those times, it can take me several minutes of physically experiencing the discomfort of addictive desire to make a decision.

Gillian, it would be great if you covered this some time in a webinar – how it feels to really engaging with AD, rather than just acknowledging it. I sometimes find myself just dismissing AD and that always ends up with a setback for me.