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Hi everybody. I was a bit disconnected from the forum and the course, or not connected as I wanted.

Some of what they mentioned above also happens to me, thinking about eating something addictive and saying “not now” and the next day it was worse, and worse. It happened to me from waking up every day thinking about going to buy some cookies at the supermarket before coming to work. I was dodging that AD for those cookies for a week or two. Until one day I said, I buy them and I enjoy them. I bought them, and I enjoyed them. I didn’t binge eat them all like I used to many times. And then, it was forgetting about cookies, and that desire for those cookies. Because they aren’t “that big of a deal” either. And I can eat them when I want. This is something that I repeat myself many times, that its available when I want, so I dont have to end the package.

But is true that I think that choosing to do not eat something, is not probably the better choice to do if I want to work with AD. But its also a part of choosing to feel the discomfort of desire and pass it throught without satyisfing it. Right?

Gillian, I have doubts, could you please clarify or give me your point of view on how this is and works

I mean, If I realize that I have an AD to eat more of this or that, a second plate because it was delicious, a second portion because it is a special cake and event; or whatever one of those excuses that I use to justify “that” second course, portion, etc. That I use to justify “that overeating” in particular. Part of working on AD is choosing not to eat it, and feeling bad about it. Is this how AD works?
Realizing that I am in that “a-ha moment” in that “AD moment” in which I choose to stop it, I choose it freely to stop that “excuse to overeat” so I decide not to eat it, feeling that discomfort of desire. I choose that discomfort that causes me not to satisfy that desire.
it’s something like this?