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Here I am ! Another one that have put the scale away! I´ve been weighing myself every day for almost 2 years (or maybe more). Then Ive started to do not do it everyday, and when I started this course and another one of body image that recommend the same thing to DO NOT WEIGHT and through the scales away. I was able to stop weighing myself for weeks, then for a month. And then when I weighed myself again, it was like taking steps back, many. And it was like Mo said, like an addictive desire to weigh even I know it has the potential to ruin my day, and it was because I allowed it.

I have taken the scale out of the house and I am beginning to reconnect with my body. With my feelings and sensations of which food is good for me or which is bad for me, based on how I feel, downplaying the number on the scale.