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Thanks JULIA and JULIE ! Yes.. Sometimes I do that scenario of asking a question, answering it, then wondering though if I am on the right track.. I was thinking that maybe its because I want to know it for sure, to do it PERFECTLY.

For example, I was in a motorcycle accident, and I screwed up my knee. Since that moment, I have a master’s degree in knee´s injuries and exercises to strengthen, but many times I am wondering what is the best exercise or what is the best form to do things and progress. When many times DOING is the best way, and DOING is how one finds the way (of course with a guide and information). With this theme of working on the AD I stay in theory, and it is time to put it into practice..

Im happy to be doing the course again, and it´s true that everytime I listen an audio o read an exercise, or read the book, its like something new come up. Or I make connections that in the first course I couldn´t do because I didn´t have al the “themes” covered. Now is like I integrate all the information, concepts and techniques.