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I just reread your post – it was really helpful – I like the meditative sharing because it highlights areas of my own thinking in a way that I wouldn’t see in a normal Q&A focused piece of writing.

Anyway rereading it I realized that there is a way to have some real fun with the whole choice concept. Normally I am thinking of choice in the way of thinking that want to choose a better alternative which makes sense but is a bit serious. But maybe to really get that choice concept to sink in I could start making concrete choices about things I am not that charged bothered about – and put that energy to work. For example, I can choose not to have all the crap in my house that standard Americans families like it eat. I have it in the house for my husband and daughter, but they can choose to buy it if they want it. I’m choosing not to have it in the house. I didn’t eat it anyway so it was an easy choice for me anyway – but it helps me practice choosing. I’m going to find lots of other “low hanging” choices to have fun with: Choosing not to read the news even when I should, choosing not to continually answer emails or texts just because I should – all that other stuff that I do because I should.

I’m going to be looking at everything from that perspective – I’m probably going to be hell to live with!