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Barbara R

Hi Everybody, I’m Barbara.
I have come such a long way just from reading Gillian’s books, esp. Ditching Diets. I like the three steps up, two steps back method. In other words, if I decide/choose not to eat cookies three times, and actually eat a piece of fruit (or nothing) instead of the cookies one out of three times, SUCCESS!

Here is a TRUE example of my method:

I love eating Triscuts right out of the box. Usually I would scarf down half the box while sitting in front of the TV at night. So I tried a new habit:

(1) Instead of eating them out of the box, I counted out 15 Triscuts and put them in a bowl. Then I added 5 more because I began to feel anxious and deprived.
(2) After just a couple of days of this, I was stuffed with 20 Triscuts and was easily satisfied with 15 in the bowl.
(3) After another week or two, I was comfortably able to put 10 Triscuts in the bowl and feel satisfied.
(4) After a couple of weeks, I was watching TV and felt too lazy to get up an measure out my Triscuts. And I fell asleep without them. I AWOKE THE NEXT DAY AMAZED!
(5) The next night, I tried to see if I could be comfortable going to sleep without my beloved Triscuts. I told myself if I wanted them, I was totally free to have them. But I went to sleep without them! It was not completely effortless, but it was not hard either!
(6) The other day, Triscuts were on sale at the market, 2 boxes for $5.00. Being in the middle of my pandemic relapse, I bought them. That night, I ate half a box in front of the TV. I woke up the next morning feeling depressed and lethargic. Immediately I knew, the Triscuts were not worth feeling like this. I threw them out.

Don’t get me wrong. I still have a LOT of challenges! I mean, a LOT! But I have learned that taking baby steps and allowing yourself to screw up, does indeed allow you to make major progress. And so I soldier on!
Much love, Barb