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Hi Guadalupe,

This is my first time through the course so I hadn’t looked at the DESIRE module in detail, now I have, I understand what you meant. Firstly, I had the addictive desire, ooh Belgian buns, then I paused and looked at them and engaged my PFC and made a CHOICE. Basically, was the pleasure worth the potential downsides. Because I am highly MOTIVATED to eat as healthier diet as possible (as I want to ensure my healthspan is as long as possible, and being 60 this is far more important too me now than when I was in my 20s) I chose not to indulge and it was a NON-WEIGHT motivation. YEH!! I do have them 😀

Thanks for working me through this and when it happens again I will really recognise what is going on so I can deliberately use the tools that Gillian recommends.