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      I’ve just watched the video of 5.2 and I’m almost in tears as I identify so strongly with it all. It’s as if I’m speaking for the first time with someone who totally understands how my mind works. It’s so reassuring to feel that it’s quite normal. Thank you SO MUCH Gillian, it feels like a bit of a breakthrough!
      The self identity aspect is something I seem to be confronting properly for the first time.
      I now really feel that this is totally different from any other approach/diet I’ve ever taken

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      Good to read this, Sian.

      As you’ll see in video 5.4, a strong attachment to an addictive mindset or two usually goes hand in hand with the denial of free choice. The mindset provides freedom in a world where you don’t feel free at all.

      So as you move towards “I’m free to eat anything and everything any time” you will become more able to let go of the mindset, because you don’t need it as much.

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      Sian – I agree, that 5.2 video really spoke to me too! It hit the nail on the head!

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