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      Shems M

      Hello! Hope everyone is getting on well since the since Gillian’s incredible explanation of freedom of choice on Sunday.

      I wanted to share a real win I’ve had with you all. This morning I had planned a cooked breakfast for my family. I *adore* cooked breakfasts!

      I had also set an intention on Sunday (following the webinar chat) – rather than a commitment – to try out a bit of intermittent fasting where I can to help reduce my insulin resistance.

      So back to this morning, I had cooked the breakfast and as I sat down, I realised I am really not hungry and I am full of energy. I gave myself the choice to eat or not. I saw the opportunity to try out a little fast.

      And I did it! I didn’t have breakfast and I sat at the table quite cheerfully with my family while they ate. I imagined how delicious that bacon would be, and the eggs. And I spoke to that desire – yes yes that food would be so delicious. And also, I want to give my body a chance to rest and allow my insulin Levels to continue to drop. I reminded myself that tomorrow I can make this meal again and have as much as I like. Also that really at any moment I could eat as much as I like if I wanted to. But I chose the benefits of not eating for now. Then the desire faded after a few minutes.

      In the past, when I have tried to fast or diet while feeding the family, I have needed to distract or busy myself or I have found myself very on edge during the meal, unable to concentrate on conversation, desperate for it all to end. But this felt very different! I am so grateful to be on this journey.

      Shems 🙂

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      Wonderful, Shems.

      Thanks for posting this.

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      Wow, that’s really great, Shems! How encouraging – for you, obviously, but for me too when I read it. Thank you!

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        Shems M

        So pleased that you found it encouraging Caroline. I have found lots of the shared experiences here are encouraging me too 🙂

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      Penny B

      Brilliant news Shems! Well done. I had a brilliant moment at lunch today too – I’d made myself a coleslaw salad, and it was quite big. I took it all through to eat though. Half way through, I thought – you know what I’ve had enough. I could eat it all, and it is really nice, but you know what, I don’t think I will. Had to do a double-take! Brought up as part of the clean plate club in the past I’ve found it really difficult to leave food on my plate – so I’ve stuffed myself when I’ve given myself a big portion. I didn’t put the bowl away – I left it right there for a significant amount of time, and still didn’t eat any more! So hopefully, Shems, we’re both having break-throughs today!

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        Shems M

        Hi Penny, I enjoyed reading about your break through too, thank you for sharing. Food left on a plate (anyone’s plate lol not just mine) is a huge addictive desire cue for me, so I get what a big deal it can be. Amazing you didn’t put the bowl away immediately and gave yourself time to think things through. Really love this!

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      Thank you for sharing your experience, Shems!

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